Delicious Keto, Husband Approved Donuts!

We were craving donuts today, but are trying to avoid wheat products and follow the Keto lifestyle (as best we can, trying to ignore temptations!). For me, it is more about gut health and avoiding food allergies than weight loss, though it has also helped in that area!

I found this recipe for Almond Joy Donuts by Maria Emmerich, and we all loved it! I have tried many recipes that involve almond flour and others that are keto friendly, but there are times when my husband and kids just don’t like the texture or flavor. I call this recipe husband approved, because not only did he like them, he ate some later in the day as a snack and told me how dangerous they were. For him what dangerous means, is not being able to control himself and possibly eat too many! This is probably the first recipe that involves almond flour, that he has said that about.

Photo credit: Joshua Gutierrez (my uber-talented husband!)

I baked these in our donut pans, but filled the trays a little too full which is why they also have batter in the middle. But guess what? They still turned out delicious! Next time we’ll actually fill them full on purpose so we can use the centerpiece for fillings like jelly, chocolate sauce or other types of cream. That way they can be tailored to each person’s favorite flavor!

Wilton Donut or Bagel Baking Pan
Photo Credit: Photo Filled Adventures

The recipe called for dipping them in melted sugar-free chocolate before dipping in unsweetened coconut flakes, however I had run out of chocolate. Instead, I used an idea from Maria’s Coconut Flour Cake Donut recipe to dip them in sugar-free syrup first. It worked like a charm, added just enough sweetness and balanced out the coconut!

In my own photo below, I captured what the texture looked like after biting into it. They were moist, and a very different texture than regular donuts but really hit the spot!

Photo credit: Photo Filled Adventures

These came out of the oven very even and consistently baked, so I put my husband to work in his studio taking photos of them! Didn’t they turn out amazing?! I might just have to bake more often so he can be my food photographer!

Photo credit: Joshua Gutierrez

All in all, these were very easy to make and was a hit in our household! It’s definitely worth a try if you are craving donuts but don’t want to deal with (or just can’t eat) wheat or yeast.

Photo credit: Joshua Gutierrez

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