A night with Kane Brown

We had our first date night of 2022! We went to a Kane Brown concert! It has been months since our last date night. Having kids can be hard on alone time for mom and dad, but we are making an effort this year!

The night started off with a new band named Restless Road, who I hadn’t heard of before. We were impressed! Their voices and harmonies were spot on and they played beautiful music! When we got home, I immediately found them on Spotify and saved several of their songs.

Restless Road, Moda Center, Portland, Oregon
Photo Filled Adventures

Next up was Chase Rice, who has a few really big hits!

Chase Rice, Moda Center, Portland, Oregon
Photo Filled Adventures

Unfortunately we didn’t enjoy his set as much as the others, until the end of his set, probably because we enjoy a little more country sound than the rap/pop country. The hits he played were great though, especially this one Eyes On You:

Clip of Eyes on You, Chase Rice

We look forward to hearing the songs he comes out with next, as it sounds like some great music is on the way!

Kane Brown, Moda Center, Portland, Oregon
Photo Filled Adventures

Finally, Kane Brown came out and was absolutely amazing! The energy was infectious across the stadium. If you like his music, see him live! He is upbeat, fun, always on pitch and is a really down-to-earth kind of man just thankful for where he is in life.

He brought his own story and life into his concert, which helped us understand some of his songs and his journey to where he is now. These stories helped him transition to some of his slower songs (many of which are favorites of ours).

Clip of Learning, Kane Brown

Shortly after this one, he played our hands-down favorite song of his (that we often have on repeat), Homesick:

Clip of Homesick, Kane Brown

Another favorite song of his that I got a clip of, Heaven:

Clip of Heaven, Kane Brown

The lighting they used was unique and very fun! We were impressed by how much effort went into the lighting alone! Colored lasers, background lights, and fire across parts of the stage. Kudos to the stage crew at the Moda Center!

Kane Brown, Moda Center, Portland, Oregon
Photo Filled Adventures
Kane Brown, Moda Center, Portland, Oregon
Photo Filled Adventures

Overall it was an awesome concert! It’s very revealing when you see a musician live, just how good of a musician they are. Kane Brown is definitely on the top of the list of talented singers and song writers. Check him out if you haven’t already!

Going to this concert also introduced us to Restless Road, who is now my favorite new band! Watch for my next post all about them!

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