Motherhood and Mother’s Day

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”


The way you celebrate Mother’s Day changes over time. As a child, I remember picking flowers for my mother and making her breakfast in bed. That was my favorite thing to do for her, and it became sort of a tradition! Then you become a mom yourself and the way you look at Mother’s Day begins to shift. YOU are now being celebrated and get to watch your children establish their own tradition of how they want to celebrate you. Being a mother for almost 11 years, the way I think about Mother’s Day and my children has continually changed. 

I loved how much my babies needed me when they were young, their sweet sounds and how soft their skin and hair were. But there is something even more awesome as they begin to grow and need you in a different way. They now look to you to guide them and encourage them to explore and try new things. In some ways I miss those innocent baby days, but watching my little ones grow up, fills me with awe every day over the littlest things.

Ages and Stages 

So far my favorite age range has been years 2-5. During these preschool years I find them excited to try everything, helping me bake, doing crafts, singing duets with me and exploring the outdoors. My youngest daughter is in that stage now, and we have so much fun together! We dance, sing, and play ball together outside daily, and have a special reading and bonding routine as I tuck her in for bed at night. She also loves to help me bake waffles, cakes and cookies. The other great thing about this age, is their fascination with learning every new thing possible! I love teaching her how to read recipes, measure and mix ingredients. And I always use baking as a teaching tool for Math! “If we have 4 strawberries, and I take one away, how many are left?” and even at four years old, she is catching on quickly! She also loves to paint and for this year’s Mother’s Day, she helped me do just that! I wanted to paint our home front door, as I’ve always loved houses with a colored door and never took the time to do so, until now. She was my big helper and we knocked it out in no time! 

Painting the door: Photo Filled Adventures

My two boys have passed the preschool stage and are onto the next stages. One is 8 years old, almost 9, and is beginning to really learn what he likes: drawing, video games, listening to music, taking walks, running, playing outside and strengthening his skills in math. He’s always been a busy one from the time he could walk. We knew from a young age he would be good at sports – so competitive, learning many things early simply by watching his older brother. His love of soccer and basketball keep him busy outside and staying active! 

My oldest is 10, and will be 11 soon. He has already shifted into some pre-teen tendencies: sleeping in, spending more time on his own, reading novels, creating his own music playlists, getting involved in something at school simply because he is interested in it and a voice that’s squeaking all over the place! I’m not ready for my baby to be heading towards middle school and being almost as tall as me! He struggled with online school the first half of this year and lost some of his confidence, but the second half of the year with a new teacher and many hours of my husband’s efforts in not only making sure he stayed caught up, but also understood what he was learning. His main struggle was math, and now he’s ending the year testing two grade levels above in math and one grade level above in reading! Watching his confidence grow and the effort he is putting in again makes me so thankful for amazing teachers and my amazing husband who cares so much. 

Photo Filled Adventures

Mother’s Day changed as they got older! 

Another thing I love about motherhood and when children begin to grow, are the awesome Mother’s Day projects they bring home! When they are very young, they have no idea what Mother’s Day is. As they get older, this holiday means so much more when you hear those little voices saying “Happy Mother’s Day” and bringing home handmade gifts. I won’t be able to keep all of their projects over time, but the ones they bring home for me are the most special!

4-year old Mother’s Day gift: Photo Filled Adventures

8-year old Mother’s Day gift: Photo Filled Adventures

Though I try to keep them, I think I’ll eat this one!

8-year old Mother’s Day gift: Photo Filled Adventures

What ages and stages have you loved the most? What have been your favorite Mother’s Day memories? 

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